Contacts & Groups Powerful Contact Management System
Contacts & Groups

Contacts & Groups

Easily stay connected with all your contacts. Store and organize all you contacts' information online. All data secure stored in one convenient place and accessible anywhere-anytime. Never forget contact's email or phone number. All information is stored online and accessible whenever you need it. Easy to use and very convenient way to keep everything in one place.
  • Store and Manage all your contacts
  • Access Anytime - Anywhere
  • Create Groups
  • Very easy to use

Contact Management System

Quickly locate contact information in your Address Book, browse contacts sequentially or search for specific entries. Create online groups to better manage and organize your contacts. Address Book is integrated with features for the FlipDrive service. By storing your contacts with FlipDrive, you'll be able to share anything (documents, photos, music, videos, and any other files) with anybody without having to retype their email address. Share any data with entire groups in just a few clicks.