Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you are looking for help on specific feature please contact us at any time.

1. What is FlipDrive?

FlipDrive is your secure cloud storage space (your online storage space), where you can store, access, share and backup all of your data. Besides being able to store any kind of file of any size, you also will be able to have full control and manage your contacts, bookmarks/favorite sites, and separate section for photo albums to help you organize your photos.

2. Why use FlipDrive?

FlipDrive is the only online storage service which provides solutions to store and manage different kinds of data with customized apps to work with a particular data type.

Our easy to user interface gives you instant access to all your data. You'll have access to all your files via My Drive section, while the best way to organize and manage your photos would be using Photos section.

Also, with FlipDrive you'll be able to easily manage your contacts and bookmarks all in one secure online location.

3. What are the system requirements?

To use FlipDrive services you’ll need to have Internet connection and any browser: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, and AOL.

4. What types of files can I upload to my FlipDrive account?

You can upload any file type to your account. If you have enough space on your account you may store and share any file type and size.

5. Who can I share my files with?

FlipDrive puts you in full control of your data. You can share files and folders with anyone. Sharing is easy and secure. Others will only be able to see what's shared with them, while the rest of your data stays private.

6. What kind of transfer speeds can I expect?

FlipDrive does not limit its users with transfer speeds. You'll be able to utilize full transfer speeds provided by your Internet Service Provider.

7. What kind of packages do you offer?

FlipDrive offers a range of different storage plans. Starting from Free Account which gives you 10GB of online storage space to Business Account with 250GB.

If you'll need custom storage plan, we'll be glad to set that up for you. For more information about our plans, click here.

8. Do you offer SSL?

Here at FlipDrive we take security very seriously. Entire website uses 256 bit encryption, which protects your data while you access it from any place and any device.

9. What if I still have questions?

We are here to help. If you have any other questions and would like to find out more about FlipDrive please contact our customer support, by clicking here.

All your data is stored in the cloud - in one convenient and secure online location, and available to you anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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